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Clip-On Visual Aid [not just a paperclip]

Here is my design of small printable clips/charms that go on your monies (or anything else) and are meant to help you quickly differ bill denominations within a wallet. These little clips all slide on and off paper money smoothly but have unique textures and contours to allow for easy sight-free organization. The clips are thin enough that multiple devices can be used at once. I find that these clips are also generally useful beyond the wallet. These aides can help keep important papers organized and utilizing different colors only improves usability. It’s taken a few iterations, but I'm very happy with the current results.

For the sake of sharing, I'm including an attempt at a design log. Enjoy...

---Day 1---

Idea: Small clips or charms for paper and card money that allow someone with impaired vision to easily feel the difference between marked items. Function: an alternative to bill folding and other ways of determining multiple bill denomination relative to each other.

Lunchtime day dreaming; thought of an idea for Money charm/marking device.

Got home from work, so now it's time to work:

My initial model idea looks nothing like what I later end up with. Its bulky and more suited for clipping onto a credit card. The idea was there but not the form. I just kinda thought of the idea and went with it. After that I tried to think up some design goals to meet:

Design Goals for Bill Charm - clips to help know what's in your pocket:

light weight - anything extra going in your pocket or wallet kinda sucks. try to make it less sucky. Should be light enough that a few can be in a wallet at a time.

thin but durable - too thin and it wont last and lose its spring. too thick and it will get in the way. Probably shoot for credit card thickness. Header can be a little thicker maybe.

easy to use - should clip on and off the bill easily/smoothly. Sharp edges aren't needed here. also, its not meant to keep the money together per say, the main goal is to mark something without falling off. if it helps group things, great

easy to understand - the identifying marks should be intuitive and understood by both people of all vision levels. I'll have to think on this one a bit.

easy and fast to print - no supports. shouldn't have to lose a finger to pry it off either. uniform theme - make the design consistent for all markers. Use different colors if possible, no reason to assume total vision impairment.

New design and first print came out surprising well. The head is too thick and the corners need to be mitered. I thought the clip portion was going to be too thick, but it's not bad. The idea to have the rounded outer frame and nubby center seems to be a winner already. The reliefs and curves are just instinct. I think having the center have the dip makes the clip work better, but I wouldn't actually know because I put it in before trying it without it. Because the center sticks to the print bed while the outer rim barely makes contact, the process of removing the print gives it the offset and springiness needed to let a bill slide in and out on its own. It helps that I know the design; but the different textures make it easy for operation with my eyes closed. I'm pretty happy with my first attempt. I still don't know what to do about the actual identification markings. Right now I'll stick to a simple Braille character of '1'.

Just started the second print and was able to step away a bit. Per usual, the self doubt has set in. I hope I'm not just making a bookmark or a semi-fancy paperclip πŸ™ It slips on easily enough to be used as either, but I swear I didn't think about that until now.

Second print came out nice also. The rounded corners help the header easier to glider over. The thinner header is maybe too thin. Or maybe not. Not sure. I find myself using the Braille character as the means of first contact because its thicker than the rest. That could be good, the fact that the identifier is being used to identify itself. I'll call it a night and mull it over in traffic tomorrow.

---Day 2---

Hmmmmm...tried the device in my wallet. sticks out a bit much. It does remind me of a folders divider tabs, which is something I was going for. Kinda nice to grab the tab and out come the bills, loosen the grip and the clip comes off. I should go to sleep.

Home from work, time for a print πŸ™‚ Darn. My printer started to not work as I started another print. I'm still pretty new to the machine and printing, so I'm not totally sure what's wrong. The hotend to bowden tube connection seems to be jamming, though nothing obstructing. I haven't clean-cleaned the nozzle yet, maybe that's the issue. I bought this printer as a kit from China and am just kinda glad it worked. I'm going to have to give it all a tune up and hope I can get another print, otherwise the last version will have to suffice. If I didn't want to make a couple prints right now, I'd be happy to spend the time tinkering with my toy, but right now it just feels inconvenient. Oh well.

...I think the lining tube inside the hotend got funky.

(replaced hot tube with spare)

...soooo, that lining was important. my spare hotend tube looked like it would work. Now I have filament stuck in between the top of the heatsink. All coiled up, almost as if there was too much room in the little chamber. If only a lining could be placed inside to prevent such an an learn I guess. Use the right parts. I was able to get it out with a heat gun and tweezers but this is a little discouraging. I have an older hotend setup from when I first 'tried' to make a delta type printer. I'm just not sure the total length is there to clear the mounted fan. I should step away before I make a worse mistake or get hurt. Back to SketchUp for the design; I'm sure I'll get the printer up and printing again soon enough...

--- Day ???---

Well I ended up moving and my junky printers have been put in storage to be fixed another day.

--- About a year ago ---

I bought a PRUSA MK3S and have been very happy with its quality results. No new improvements to the clips. I kinda forgot about them and have been designing other things to print. Oh well.

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