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Make’n Something with LIDAR [1: an idea]

I've been itching to talk to some sensors lately. Check out this inexpensive LIDAR [ Light Detection and Ranging ] system from Adafruit:

I keep thinking about it. Wouldn't it be cool to scan a room? Even if it's a 2D map, it looks pretty neat. I think I want to build something that uses LIDAR.

Enter my new project: Make'n Something that uses LIDAR.

Now, there is already Computer software for the mentioned device that will show a point-map of the data. There is also a tutorial on Adafruit but it uses python and a raspberry pi...basically a computer. Computers are cool and all, but I would really like to use a micro-controller to talk to the device directly and see how far I can take it. None of this SLAM, ROS or Arduino stuff, just a bare bones system. Maybe one abstraction layer for dealing with initialization and controlling things like UART, but nothing too crazy.

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