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Senior Design Project [corporately sponsored]

This post is regarding my Senior Design Project from Dec 2011 – Sept 2012.

I was part of a five engineer team tasked with designing hardware modules for Plantronics, Inc. The modules were worn on the body to investigate the feasibility of harvesting energy from day-to-day human body movement. We reported to the Engineering Director at Plantronics on a weekly basis and ended up delivering 25 identical units to Plantronics on time, per requirements, in addition to a final presentation with 200 pages of documentation.

I was in charge of implementing the storage (SD card, file system, SPI) and the acellerometer (I2C). We used a PIC24H microcontroller.

Partner's Day Poster

After the initial project concluded, Plantronics reached out and asked for more analysis. Which was fair, the team had only delivered raw data but Plantronics was hoping to find out about actual energy-harvesting abilities. I took on the task as an individual, as most of the team had graduated already. It would take all Summer, but in the end Plantronics was very happy and I learned a whole lot. If you're interested in my work, I've included it below.

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